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What Matters Now” is a free eBook that talks about.. well, what matters now. You can click on the image above (or the download button at the end of this blog post) to download the eBook

Note: The file is more than 3MB in size so please ensure that your bandwidth supports downloading the file of this size.

Why “What Matters Now” matters now?

This is an 82 page eBook with more than 70 contributors. Each one of them have provided one word (along with a short 200 word essay on that word) that they think matters now.

It is a Seth Godin idea brilliantly executed by Ishita Gupta, one of the members of Seth’s MBA (SAMBA) project.

I am delighted to be one of the contributors for this exciting project.

Contributors for “What Matters Now”

Here are the contributors for the eBook.


The Contributions

The words contributed by each contributor are listed below. You need to download the eBook to read the accompanying essays.

  1. Generosity by Seth Godin
  2. Fear by Anne Jackson
  3. Facts by Jessica Hagy
  4. Diginity by Jacqueline Novogratz
  5. Meaning by Hugh McLeod
  6. Ease by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray and Love)
  7. Connected by Howard Mann
  8. Re-Capitalism by Chris Meyer
  9. Vision by Michael Hyatt
  10. Enrichment by Rajesh Setty
  11. 1% by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell
  12. Speaking by Mark Hurst
  13. ATOMS by Chris Anderson
  14. Excellence by Tom Peters
  15. Most by William C. Taylor
  16. Strengths by Marti Barletta
  17. Ripple by John Wood
  18. Unsustainability by Alan Webber
  19. Autonomy by Dan Pink
  20. Poker by Tony Hsieh
  21. Momentum by Dave Ramsey
  22. Consequence by Saul Griffith
  23. Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer
  24. Harmony by Jack Covert
  25. Tough-Mindedness by Steven Pressfield
  26. Evangelism by Guy Kawasaki
  27. Compassion by Mitch Joel
  28. Knowledge by Alisa Miller
  29. Parsing by Clay Johnson
  30. Forever by Piers Fawkes
  31. Empathy by Karen Armstrong
  32. Neoteny by Joi Ito
  33. Celebrate by Megan Casey
  34. DIY by Jay Parkinson
  35. Adventure by Robyn Waters
  36. Dumb by Dave Balter
  37. Nobody by Micah Sifry
  38. Analog by George Dyson
  39. Independent Diplomacy by Carne Ross
  40. THNX by Gary Vaynerchuk
  41. Attention by David Meerman Scott
  42. Context by Jeff Jonas
  43. Change by Chip and Dan Heath
  44. Passion by Derek Sivers
  45. Magnetize by Fred Krupp
  46. Confidence by Tim Sanders
  47. Slow Capital by Fred Wilson
  48. Open-Source DNA by Kevin Kelly
  49. Technology by Phoebe Espiritu
  50. Expertise by Aaron Wall
  51. Fascination by Sally Hogshead
  52. Difference by David Weinberger
  53. World Healers by Martha Beck
  54. Sacrifice by John Moore
  55. Focus by Todd Sattersten
  56. Leap by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  57. Women by Paco Underhill
  58. Timeless by Mark Rovner
  59. .eDO by Dale Dougherty
  60. Productivity by Gina Trapani
  61. Iterative Capital by Michael Scharge
  62. Willpower by Ramit Sethi
  63. Mesh by Lisa Gansky
  64. Enough by Merlin Mann
  65. (Dis)Trust by Dan Ariely
  66. Social Skills by Penelope Trunk
  67. I’m Sorry by Jason Fried
  68. Sleep by Arianna Huffington
  69. Knowing by Dan Roam
  70. Government 2.0 by Tim O’Reilly
  71. You Can’t by Aimee Johnson
  72. Gumption by J.C. Hutchins

Download the eBook

You can download the eBook for FREE here.


What can you do with this eBook?

Here, you have an opportunity to see what do the 72 contributors think matters NOW. You can get a peek into their minds in a matter of minutes and at no cost.

Each essay is less than 200 words so there is no reason to skip any entry. Once you go through all of them, mark the ones that you think will make the most sense for you personally and for your business or career or both. Print those sheets so that you can review them multiple times over the next few weeks. Better yet, use the information on those sheets – meaning take some action at the first available opportunity. What you use you remember.

Second, there may be one or more people in your network that should read the book. Send them the eBook or a link to the eBook so that they get an opportunity to read this too.

Have a great week ahead.