Ways to Distinguish Yourself #206 – Thank Powerfully!


Note: Thanksgiving is coming soon but I wanted to share this way before that date. You will see why as you read the post.

Everyone knows that an attitude of gratitude is important to grow. In fact, you might remember your parents telling you to be thankful to people that help you.

Yes, I subscribe to the above views whole-heartedly.

You are where you are today because of MANY people who helped you get here. It is easy to forget the people that helped you. Sometimes you might think most of your success is because you are smart and of course you did some get a little help here and there. In most cases you are wrong. In reality, you are not so smart and you got a LOT of help to get to where you are today.

So, the first step is to recognize the real contribution of people around you and to go ahead and thank them.

There are many ways to thank people. Here are some:

  • Send them an email
  • Call them and thank them
  • Take them out for coffee or lunch
  • Send them a greeting card
  • Send them a gift card
  • Send them a gift
  • Send them money
  • Send them flowers

I can go on.. there are a thousands of ways to thank someone. Some are easy and some are difficult. Some cost nothing and some cost a fortune. Some are useless and some are meaningful.

If you spend a few minutes though, you can find some thoughtful AND powerful ways of thanking people.

Think about it.

The best way to thank someone is to help them with their project without adding additional cost to their lives. Do something that will enrich their lives.

People are always working on ONE or more projects both in their personal and professional lives ( for more on this, please read the introductory chapters of “Beyond Code” [foreword by Tom Peters] – Free download here) However powerful they are, they need help. They help others but they need help too. In the world of social media, it is not hard to see “what matters most” to the person that has helped you. You are smart and it is not hard to imagine how you can add value to one of more of this person’s projects in a meaningful way.

I can provide ideas but you can come up with your own. The key is to do something that enriches the life of the person that has enriched you. To make it even better, do something that will not introduce new costs in the life of this person.

Go ahead, thank that someone before the upcoming thanksgiving day and do it powerfully.


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