Event: Thought Leadership 2.0

If you are in the bay area on November 18, I would love to see you at this event where I will be speaking about how to build thought leadership without breaking your back.

A quick summary

Thought Leadership 2.0
Building thought leadership without breaking your back

Everyone knows the benefit of being established as a thought leader. For starters, there is an immediate trustworthiness associated with thought leaders that will increase your influence as you are perceived as someone who “knows” and who “cares.”

In the old world, tools to build thought leadership included writing books, speaking and getting the attention of the media. There was a physical limit on the number of spots available and the competition was intense. Social Media seemed to change that with everyone being able to create their own platform to establish thought leadership. However, this created its own problem. With more than 150 million blogs and more than 50 million people on Twitter, how do you ensure that you are heard?

In this talk, #THINKtweet series editor and successful entrepreneur Rajesh Setty will cover what it takes to build thought leadership in this new world.

More details are here.

Silicon Valley Business Meetup: Thought Leadership 2.0

Note: There is a fee of $20 to attend. All attendees will receive free copy of ONE of the books below:

1. “#THINKtweet” by Rajesh Setty
2. “#DIVERSITYtweet” by Deepika Bajaj or
3. “#MILLENNIALtweet” by Alexandra Levitt