Upbeat Virtual Blog Tour – Will you participate?


The virtual blog book tour for “Upbeat” is scheduled for June 22nd-July 3rd and July 20th-July 31st. It’s coming up soon, but there is still time to get involved!

Our offer to you:

1. Your blog URL will appear in the event tour’s official schedule, which will be posted at both http://www.lifebeyondcode.com (author blog) and http://www.keybusinesspartners.com (my website).

2. Your blog URL will appear on the blogs scheduled before and after you on the tour (and we will ask you to reciprocate the same “link love” for your two neighbors on the tour).

3.  You will get a copy of Raj’s 90-minute DVD “The Fulcrum Effect” ($97 value) via snail mail as a thank you. Please send me your snail mail address.

4.  You will get an eBook version of Raj’s new book “Th!nkTweet: Bite-sized lessons for a fast-paced world” ($11.95 value) as a thank you.

5.  Your blog will appear in the announcement in Raj’s “Life Beyond Code” newsletter that has a few hundred subscribers that are interested in these topics.

6. Of course, you will get a signed copy of the book “Upbeat” in your snail mail.

Your options:

1. Write a review of the book, Upbeat, on a specific day assigned to you. (preferred)

2. Announce the book in a blog post, on a specific day assigned to you.

3. Post an interview with the author on your blog on a specific day assigned to you.

Interview details:

  1. We suggest that you ask 5-6 questions.
  2. You can come up with your own questions, or choose from this list of sample questions:
    1. Why did you decide to do write this book?
    2. Who will this book benefit?
    3. What areas does this book cover?
    4. Why is this book relevant now?
  3. Please email me at [email protected] with your selected questions.

Get started:

Please respond by June 19th to Teresa Morrow at [email protected] or Teresa@keybusinesspartners.com so that she can add you to the blog tour schedule.

Also send Teresa:

  • Your blog URL
  • Your choice of blog post: will you do book review, announcement or interview with Rajesh?

What happens next?

Teresa will email you with the specific date of your stop on the event blog tour. There are a few spots taken up now and a few more left to be claimed 🙂

Thank you.