You too, can be flawless, but…

Yes, you too can be flawless and make the judges say things like…

“Utterly, utterly electrifying..”

“Jawdrappingly outstanding performance. Just breathtaking. I could not take my eyes off you and I did not want you to end.”

“You have shown that – with focus, commitment, confidence and hard work, you can achieve something. It is one of the best things I have seen in my life.”

However, you do have to “pay” the price – four years of friendship, practice EVERY day, focus, commitment and hard work.

They did that and here is the outcome!

YouTube: Flawless Dance Act (Britain’s Got Talent 2009)

Note: URL only as embedding was disabled by request.

Have a great weekend!

PS: Please take note of the response of the time when Simon asks the question – “What’s your objective here?”

The response was – “chase the dream; not the competition