Leverage is the name of the game: The Fulcrum Effect

the-fulcrum-effect1“Absence of Leverage” in your life typically¬† manifests itself as a “lack of time” problem.

Since everybody has the same amount of time and some people get a lot more out of that same time, those people should be doing something different or should have something different in them. And, I think “one” of that something is “leverage.”

Some people get that from their past accomplishments, some people get that from their network, some more get from where they were born, raised, studied and worked. It may be a combination of many things.

If we look at ourselves (honestly) each one of us can make an assessment about how much leverage we have in our life. If you are like most people, the answer is “Not Enough.”

So, where do we start?

My friends at Kreative Vistas are putting together my program on leverage called “The Fulcrum Effect” into a DVD offering.

This has been in the works for the last few weeks and hopefully we should have it ready for shipping in the next few weeks.

I will keep you posted and THANK YOU all for your support.

Photo Courtesy: Karthik Sundaram from Purplepatch Services