10 Ways to Interrupt Others


Photo Courtesy: kdborden86 on Flickr

[Pardon the in-built sarcasm. Sometimes I like to have fun too]

Here is the list. Please feel free to add to the list. We both know that there are MANY more ways to do this.

1. Just say that it will only take a minute of their time and squeeze five to ten minutes out of their life.

2. Talk about something that is of importance to their project. In the end tag along your own project and continue the discussion.

3. Exchange a few (obvious kind of) emails where you get an “Yes” and finally ask for something that you want. They are now in a mood to say “Yes,” so they might say “Yes” again.

4. Just tell them that you had one more thing to discuss and go ahead and discuss a dozen things. They won’t notice it especially if they are weak in maths.

5. Tell them you are checking in to see if they need any help. If they say they don’t need any help, you can start by saying – “I was wondering…” and go ahead with your agenda.

6. Call them and say that you had a missed call from their phone so you wanted to check in. If they say they didn’t call you, blame it on the phone company and start talking about whatever you want.

7. Send them an email about some industry report. Five minutes later go to their office and ask them if they got the report. Whatever is their answer, say, “Isn’t that interesting…” and start on your agenda.

8. Send them an email. Leave a voicemail to check if they received an email. Send them an instant message to check if they got the voicemail. If you don’t hear back, send a message on Twitter, write on their Facebook wall and lastly also try to comment on their blog.

9. Use the power of reciprocation. Give them a “low cost” gift and make them a “high cost” request.

10. Just call them and talk as if you had an appointment with them.