Have a tip for someone facing a layoff?

Being in Silicon Valley, I see people getting laid off almost everyday. Actually, I see more people who are in the “fear of a layoff” everyday. Talking to them in the last couple of months, I think the “living in the fear of facing a layoff” is worse than being laid off.


Because both the employee and the employer lose in that game. The employee loses because he is NOT giving his or her best. The employer loses actually for the same reason,

So, I embarked on a journey to write an eBook  titled:

Facing A Layoff AND Doing It Anyway

(Yes, the title is inspired by the movie “Defiance” )

The book is now complete. This time around, I have added an Appendix where I will include specific tips contributed by thoughtful people. I have got thirty of them so far and am looking for twenty more tips. Please make it original and something that others might have not thought about. Tips like “Update your LinkedIn profile,” “Update your resume” are important but common. I am looking for something more innovative and your help is appreciated.

Do you have one SPECIFIC tip for people who are facing a layoff?

You can write a comment here or send me an email directly. My contact details are at: http://mind.wpengine.com/about/contact/

If I select the tip to include in the eBook, I will include a link to your website along with your tip. If someone else has already submitted the tip, I will let you know as well.

Thanks again in advance.