Ways to distinguish yourself #202 – Avoid common mis-attributions

It is a problem if you are “smart” and “lazy” as you can explain away several things to your convenience. One way for coming with “explanations of convenience” is to mis-attribute things.

If you want to distinguish yourself, you can avoid common mis-attributions AND stop playing mind games.

I have chosen a few mis-attributions to jumpstart your thinking. This list is in no way complete and please feel free to add/modify the list. The idea is not to get the list right but to get into the practice of noticing mis-attributions in your daily life and shun it.

So, here is the mis-attribution list:

1. “Hard work due to incompetence” mis-attributed to “Going the extra mile

2. “Ineffectiveness” mis-attributed to “Wanting to be a nice person

[Hat tip for this tip: Nipa Shah of Jenesys Group]

3. “Unable to decide what to do in life” mis-attributed to “Still figuring out options

4. “Unable to make money” mis-attributed to “Not interested in money

5. “Not being on time” mis-attributed to “Slow and steady wins the race

6. “Unable to take tough decisions” mis-attributed to “Thinking about all options

7. “Unable to have a difficult conversation” mis-attributed to “Wanting to be politically correct

8. “Not getting things done” mis-attributed to “Wanting to be a perfectionist

9. “Unable to get good help” mis-attributed to “Trying to figure it all out alone

10. “Unable to contribute to the world” mis-attributed to “Swamped with work and unable to find time

All the best!


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