How do you get business from your social and professional network?

Variations of this question include:

1. How do I convert my LinkedIn contacts to prospects and then to customers?

2. How do I get more business from Facebook?

3. How do I monetize on Twitter?

In summary, the #1 question when it comes to social networks and business is:

How do you get business from your social and professional network?

The question seems like a valid question especially because people spend a LOT of time on social networks.

Quick answer: You don’t! It happens automatically if it supposed to happen. Let me explain —

The question is flawed in the first place. The question makes an implicit assumption that you may be in the social network to GET something rather than to GIVE.

A better question would be:

“How do you contribute “extreme value” to your social and professional network without breaking your back?”

Your network in one sense is your sphere of influence. You grow that sphere of influence by contributing value to the network. What you get out of it – is an assessment within your network that you bring value to the marketplace, that you may be an opportunity for them and that you may be a wonderful addition to their team if they can work out a business arrangement.

With the right strategy and execution, the key assessment you will create is that in order for them to reach their goals, your SPECIFIC help will be valuable and it will be WORTH the price that they have to pay. That, in effect, is new business for you.

All the best!