Twitter Digest – Networking 101

My experiment on Twitter continues (Twitter Id: @UpbeatNow)

I participated in a rapid fire session on Networking on #lion channel on Twitter (organized by @MariSmith and a few others)

Here are a few tips from my side (in 140 characters each)

1. The #1 trait required for a good networker – “genuine caring” for the other person #lion

2. Networking Metric is NOT how you leverage your network but how much you CONTRIBUTE to the network (whatever be the medium) #lion

3. Networking Temptation: “I want lot of connections tomorrow”; Networking reality: “Relationships are built 1 by 1 everyday” #lion

4. Networking 101: Capacity Question: Just because YOU are in the network, what NEW possibilities open up? #lion #powerq

5. Networking 101-The litmus test: If you disappear from the world today, how BIG of a VOID will it create in all your networks? #lion #powerq

6. Networking 101 – If you goal is to ALWAYS give to your network, you will ALWAYS have enough to give 🙂 #lion

7. Networking 101- Practice Persistance and reach out to others to connect or BECOME someone others want to reach out to OR do BOTH #lion

8. A good networking request: One where the fulfillment of that request is treated as an “opportunity” rather than “work” #lion

9. Miracle: A short-term networking strategy that works #lion

10. The biggest problem with networking is that – thinking it’s easy because others like @MariSmith make it look easy 🙂 #lion

11. Strategic may work; open networking may work – but what works for you TOTALLY depends on what you are comfortable with #lion

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