Reasons Facebook Ads don't work…

At the outset, Ads are ads – whether they are on Google or they are on Facebook. But there is a BIG difference. When people come to Google, they are “searching” for something and an “Ad” appears that matches to what people are “searching for.”

In Facebook, people don’t come to search for information. They come to connect with their friends and want to know what others are upto. They want to share with others what they are upto. So Ads here are a distraction.

Now, here is a bonus reason:

While I was planning to write this article, I did click on an Ad on Facebook. The Ad had a simple message – “If you are a Fan of 24, we are looking for a quick poll on 24.” I am a BIG fan of 24 and I thought let me participate in the “POLL” especially if it’s related to 24.


Of course, to my “delight” I was taken to a page where there was a “SURVEY” on “Desperate Housewives” and after a page of questions, the system wanted me to continue.


Clear case of “bait and switch.” Now I don’t have anything against “Desperate Housewives,” I just don’t watch that show.

Hope things get sorted out for them sooner than later.

Update (Facebook Ads do work, sometimes): Just got a note from @jscarrasco on Twitter that they have been successful with music related ads. In particular, ads promoting one band/artist targeted to fans of similar artists.