Wachovia Advertisement: Want your gas money back?

I saw this advertisement from Wachovia Bank at a gas Station in Santa Clara.  The Ad Agency wanted to make it relevant to the consumer buying gas by asking the question “Do you want to save the gas money?”


While Wachovia Bank wanted to save us money, I thought they could have used their money more wisely on this.

Here are a couple of problems as I see it:

1. What should I do to save that money? I am thinking I should open an account or something but I don’t know exactly what to do

2. They tell me that they are now open at 7270 Bollinger Road. So what? First of all, Bollinger Road is in San Jose. Why should me at Santa Clara worry about a branch being open in San Jose and how is it relevant to me?

I can go on but a simple solution could have been to explain “what someone should do exactly” to get back $75.

And, they could also have integrated online and offline marketing by adding a simple line asking people to visit a landing page:

To know more, please visit

Have a great evening all of you.