Advice for Tough Times – From Tom Peters Times UK

Madeleine McGrath at Tom Peters Company UK has a special edition of Tom Peters Times titled “Advice for Tough Times”

You can read it the entire edition here:
Tom Peters Times: Advice for Tough Times

My upcoming book Upbeat is featured there under the section “Demeanor.” Here is what Madeleine says about the book:

As we watch the media pundits and commentators pick holes in the world’s politicians’ brave attempts to address the current economic mess, a new book from one of Tom’s Cool Friends, Raj Setty, is a welcome ray of light. The book’s title is Upbeat, and it contains many gems of inspiration to encourage a positive attitude during tough times. At the outset, Raj sounds off at the insidious impact that negative conversations have on your life. If every conversation that you have begins with a depressing catalogue of doom and gloom, not only are you setting a depressing tone, you are also wasting that time. In that context, banning gloomy conversations about things over which you have no control becomes an immensely sensible, positive resolution. Think about it!

Thank you Madeleine.

The book will be out in March 2009. Please sign up for the mailing list here for the updates on the book and some other special goodies.