Thanksgiving Wishes – Please download the full version of "Beyond Code" FREE

This Thanksgiving I wanted to do something that is timely and meaningful. So I convinced my publishers that I will give away the full version of my book “Beyond Code” (foreword by Tom Peters) for free. Thanks to Kenzi Sugihara at Select Books, at this end of this post you will see a link to download the full version of the book for FREE.

Here is the background:

I have been talking about the “people problems” because of outsourcing for a while. Here are a few links from the past:

Jan 21, 2007: The dilemma for Bangalore software industry

May 05, 2007: If Bangalore really wants to be the Silicon Valley of India…

Aug 25, 2007: Over-compensated to death

I always believed that the best way to kill someone is to over-compensate him or her for mediocre work. The person won’t look for something better as the money is good. Mediocrity will make the person rusty and when the time comes to look for a job outside, the skills won’t be sufficient to land a job elsewhere. So basically the person is STUCK.

You can see the effects of problems with announcements of layoffs in several places in India.

A few years ago, I wrote “Beyond Code” to address the exact same problem. For a technology person to succeed, the coding skills are only a beginning. They are like an entry ticket to the park. One can’t rest with the coding skills alone. For long-term success, the person has to look “Beyond Code” – mostly related to the people side of things.

So, in “Beyond Code” you won’t see a piece of code (except on the cover of the American edition) – it’s all about what someone should do “beyond code” to succeed.

Today, you are welcome to download the “full version” of “Beyond Code” below. If you already own a hard copy, thank you and you may know someone who might need it. Please pass it along.

Beyond Code – full version – FREE (PDF, 3.8MB)

(you will see the download link on the left menu)

Happy Thanksgiving all of you!