The Fulcrum Effect – Services Industry Summit at Las Vegas – Oct 7, 2008

I am looking forward to the Services Industry Summit  Oct 6-8, 2008 at Las Vegas. I am the keynote speaker on the morning of Oct 7 and will be speaking on the topic called “The Fulcrum Effect

A quick overview of talk is here:

The Fulcrum Effect

LinkedIn wants us increase our contact count. Twitter wants us to communicate with 140 characters. iPhone and Blackberry want us to be always connected. World IS moving fast for sure. In the Professional Services world, the world seems to move a bit more faster.

However, skills required for long-term success (such as building a personal brand, building lasting relationships etc.) are built slowly and over a long period of time. The dilemma we face is to continue to invest in skills that provide results only after a long period of time when the world just wants us to move FAST.

Rajesh will highlight a few of the long-term skills we all need in our life and an approach to blend practicing these kills in the fast paced world of Professional Services.

The talk will include a few excerpts from my upcoming book

Personal Branding 2.0

I am looking forward to meeting with the attendees who are all involved in leading Technology Professional Services Oraganizations.