Ways to Distinguish Yourself #194 – Copy "being" rather than copying "Doing"

You aim to become like someone (may be a role model, hero or just someone that you aspire to become) and start copying what they are “doing”. You soon realize that you are not getting the results that they are getting.

Simple reason – you are not them.

You simply cannot recreate everything else that is “unique” to them like

– their history
– their background
– their mindset
– their teachers
– their relationships
– their support structure (family, friends, co-workers, mentors etc.)
– their outlook on life
– their perspective
– their knowledge

I can go on but the list is VERY long.

If you even want to have a chance at this, you have to start copying their “being” rather than focusing on their “doing”.

Being, in simple terms, is who they are. AND, not just what they do.

What they do may be effective because of who they are.

If you are trying to do what they do without being who they are, chances are – you won’t get the results they are getting.

Copying “being” is not easy. But who said that you would get a premium by doing something that’s VERY easy to do 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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