Things that make me smile #38 – Brakes are not working…

Sumukh has a new cycle and it’s only four days old. Two days ago, he came to me and said something is wrong with his bike. It seems like the brakes were stuck.

I went out to check what was wrong and just like he said, the brakes were stuck and the back wheel was not moving. He told that everything was fine a minute ago and suddenly it stopped working.

I meddled with the back wheel for a few minutes without having a clue as to what could have went wrong. After some time I gave up and the next day I took the bike to the shop where we had purchased it.

I thought that something must have been seriously wrong and was wondering how long will these people really take to fix it.

Of course, it didn’t take a minute for the person from the service station to fix it. In fact, nothing was really wrong. The handle of the bike had turned 360 degrees and had pulled the brake wire – almost making it seem like somebody had pressed the brake all the time. You can see that problem if you observe the photo closely

Of course, the wheels were stuck 🙁

The solution seemed very obvious immediately after the problem was fixed.

The service person told me not to worry as they get at least one person a week with the exact same problem.

Being a fan of Peter Senge’s book on Systems Thinking “The Fifth Discipline“, the incident just proved (again) that it’s not learning alone but applying what you learn that makes a big difference.


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