Invitation to participate in BRANDTASTIC! project…

My new book will be titled

Personal Branding 2.0

It is a book that has been in the works for close to 3 years. I almost thought I had completed the book. However, upon discussion three people who are helping me with my book (Peter Winick, Bill Sherman and Arun Nithyanandam) I realized that I need more Personal Branding stories.

That’s where I need your help.

If you have a great personal branding story, please share it with me. Or if you are amazed by the personal brand of someone that’s close to you, please ask them to share their story.

I will use a few of them in the upcoming book and in turn help you or them extend their personal brand!

You can send an email to “explore at foresightplus dot com”

Looking forward to it.

Thank you.