The Journey

Liz Strauss has a Labor Day Link Love story fest going on. I am more than happy to participate in this writing exercise. Thanks for this Liz and here is my entry. I have linked to several of my favorite books (and my book 🙂 ) in the story.

The Journey

I had The Chicken Soup for Entrepreneur’s Soul , but I was looking for The Art of the Start. An adventure was in order.

A couple of galaxies down and one nebula over, I entered The Leadership Challenge . I saw Tom Peters and Guy Kawasaki making a Chris Brogan list with about 50 ways to Re-Imagine .

Nearby Brad Feld was Presenting to Win and was Drawing on the Back of the Napkin and had just found the Flow .

Meanwhile, some Wild Women Entrepreneurs were wandering aimlessly and asking, “Has anyone found an Invincibelle ?”

No one seemed to notice the group in a candlelit corner. Dressed in black, in cognito, Tribes held a rendezvous with Citizen Marketers , and ProBloggers . Rumor has it they were plotting to be Predictably Irrational.

The meeting of folks from The Dream Society broke into conflict with The New Influencers over a Purple Cow. That seemed HUGE until they found The Wisdom of the Crowds and 10 Ways to Make It Great .

Liz Strauss couldn’t shut up about that The One Thing You Need to Know. As a result, two thousand people decide to Never Eat Alone, Eat, Pray, Love, and we heard Fierce Conversations for days after.

Cynthia Kersey reported that, “It’s simply Unstoppable

My own perspective is to life a Life Beyond Code.

Have a great Labor Day all of you.