Innovation Everywhere – Now it is with sarees

A saree is a traditional Indian dress for women. Not just in India but probably many parts of South Asia.

Kiruba pointed to a link where a store in Chennai (India) had come up with a Saree with a small pouch – a place where a woman can keep her mobile phone.

I don’t whether this will take off or not but I am all for innnovations everywhere. Hats off for trying. You never know what is possible until you try.

What was interesting with this was the attempt to “change the organization” of something that has not changed for a few hundred years. Let me explain. Organization is an arrangement of components. For a few hundred years, a saree was a long unstitched cloth. While there were a number of changes to the structure (like material, design etc.) never was there a change to the organization of the saree.

Yes, Saree was a long unstitched cloth but there is no reason for it stay that way. After all, there were not a lot of women in the corporate world and no mobile phones a few decades ago and now it has changed.