1 Trillion Pages – Which ones are relevant to Baby Boomers?

I had mixed feelings when Google announced that they had indexed 1 trillion pages. Should I be excited about this. I really don’t know.

I have been writing since I was ten years old. Having written seven books and more than 1100 articles on this blog, I know what it takes to create original content. It is a lot of hard work.

Think about it:

* There are about 6.5 billion people in the world.

* Half of them can’t read or write

* Of the ones that can read and write only some of them write for publishing.

* Of the ones that write, only a fraction of them publish online.

Still, we have a trillion pages that are indexed.

I doubt how many of these pages have trusted and relevant content.

In my opinion, the fastest way to promote mediocrity is to lower the bar of entry. That’s what we have done using the blogs – anyone can create a blog in a minute. Personal publishing at its best.

So, what is the big breakdown because of this?

Simply put, everyday it gets harder for people to find trusted and relevant content on the web. Yes, there are a trillion web pages – but am I interested in all of them? No. Sometimes I wish there was a website that organizes content that is just relevant to my concerns and needs.

One such project to address the needs of baby boomers is Boomer411. About a dozen Baby Boomer Experts (led by Guru) have taken on the task of organizing content to take care of the concerns and breakdowns of Baby Boomers. The goal of the site is simple – help baby boomers find good information, fast!

Disclaimer: Boomer411 is powered by Rawsugar technology

Boomer411 is one of my favorite projects just because of the utility value. On one end it is a simple content management system for experts (we call them trustees) to organize the content that is relevant to the baby boomers. None of the trustees are paid. Everyone is doing this because they want to help baby boomers. On the other end, for baby boomers, it offers a discovery tool to help them find and discover good content that is relevant to them.

This is Guru’s first project as an entrepreneur. I am sure he has learnt a lot about entrepreneurship along the way but his big joy comes because he is creating something that is VERY valuable to Baby Boomers – a large majority of them will NEED help – sooner than later. And he is doing his part to make a difference in the lives of these people.