Ways to distinguish yourself #188 – Avoid Graffiti

If you want to be an amateur graffiti creator, you don’t require a lot of skills. You can pretty much get away with anything. Of course, there are professionals here too. I am not talking about those 1% of the people – 99% of the people that engage in graffiti are doing this for a purpose that is not noble.

Photo Courtesy: Sean Hawkey (via Flickr)

Now, the question is do you engage in graffiti?

If you go to a blog and make a comment that is not relevant to the conversation, you are engaging in graffiti

If you write a review for a book on Amazon and not say anything of material value, you are engaging in graffiti

If you join a conversation and talk nonsense, you are engaging in graffiti

If you join a discussion group and engage in a fight with others for no reason, you are engaging in graffiti

Just graffiti and spray painters cause a lot of harm to the owners to the building, engaging in introducing noise anywhere will cause a lot of harm to others who are engaged in that community, website, blog or company.


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