Things that make me smile #36 – Toilet Paper

My teacher always says that “the same action can mean different things to different people”. So your work (hence your action) may mean something to you and you may be expecting that it means the “same thing” to your boss. It may not be true – in fact, in most cases it is not true. You can laugh at the following joke but there’s a quick lesson there too..

The Nurse

Two old gents and their nurse were sitting on the lawn of the nursing home enjoying the afternoon, when a little bird flew over and dropped a load on the bald head of one of the older men. The nurse got all flustered and said, “Don’t you go anywhere, I’ll run in and get some toilet paper,” and off she goes. The two looked at each other and one of them said, “Are we crazy or is she crazy? By the time she gets back with the toilet paper, the bird will be a half a mile away

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