Startup Founder Paradox – Will you have enough time to morph?

Startups are not easy. Statistics prove that. The ones that seem easy on the news are just because they are exceptions and not the rule. First-time entrepreneurs have a bigger challenge because only few people bet on them.

Everyone knows that the team behind a startup is the most important aspect of a startup. The configuration of the founding team is complex.


Here are a few reasons:

1. Morphing along with the company: They say business model for a startup goes through at least three revisions in the first 18 months. In my opinion that number is way higher. How do you get people to morph with every business model change?

2. Multiple Hats: Team members have to wear multiple hats. Not everyone can do that.

3. Learning while doing: You have to do something but you have to be always learning. Some people are doers and some people are learners. You have to be the best in both and do it simultaneously.

and so on.

The big one in my opinion is how the roles get morphed with the changing marketplace. How do fellow founders handle someone who is in transition – meaning his current strengths don’t match the current requirements but he is quickly morphing himself to adapt to play a different role ?

Where you start and where you go in a startup depends totally on the founder. Will he/she have time to adapt to the changing conditions and will people around him/her (and the marketplace) will give the time required to adapt is the big question.