What you don't see…

What you see is typically a very small part when compared to what you don’t see.

Let me take an example of a Kannada song – Jothe Jotheyali (means Together)

(Since most of you may not understand the language, please only look at the first minute of the song in both the clips below)

Here is the clip from the movie

The above is what you see in the foreground.

Now, let us turn to the background. I will take just the “music” part of the movie. Here is the same song in a studio with the complete music gang in the background

As I said earlier, this is only the music part. You can add the camera crew, costume designers, director, assistant directors, make-up artists and so on..

Life is the same way. There is only so much visible in the foreground. So much more is in the background. Unless you have the maturity to “see the background” without actually seeing it, you may have missed a large part of what is in front of you.

What you don’t see is equally or more important than what you see sometimes.