An extra mile there and a mile short here…

When you are in the Corporate world, one of the common things that you hear is that you HAVE to “walk the extra mile”. That is a good advice and there is no harm in following that. There is only one problem though. If you don’t design this well, your “extra mile” will be treated as a part of your “standard offering” and you are always forced to walk ANOTHER extra mile.

Meanwhile, walking these “extra miles” on the professional front is leaving you no time to work on yourself and you are constantly “a mile short” on the personal front.


If you want to walk the “extra mile” personally or professionally, you need “extra capacity” and you get that by working on yourself – not on tasks but just on lifting yourself up.

The more you shy away from “working on yourself”, the harder it will be to walk those “extra miles”

All the best