Dhingana 2.0 launched; Get invites here…

Disclaimer: I am involved in this company currently in the capacity of a mentor to the founders.

On one end, we have companies Ning and Broadband Mechanics that help you to create a social network of your own. So if you want to create a social network based on a particular type of music, it should be a snap.

On the other end, we have several audio streaming sites that stream music. You can create playlists, rate and rank songs and do a host of other things.

Nobody so far had combined the above, until now.

dhinganalogo.jpgDhingana has created a platform that helps people connect “musically” with each other 🙂

Dhingana pushed one of the biggest update to their site till date recently. With the release of Dhingana 2.0, Dhingana.com becomes the first full fledged Indian Social Network around Music. This new release makes it really easy to share and discover Indian music with your friends and family.

  • Create your own Musical profile page and share it with the musical community.
    With Dhingana 2.0 every user will now have his own musical profile page which displays his musical history (songs played, albums listed, his/her public playlists) in addition to his/her personal information. Users can create their own musical friends network and send messages to them using mDings!
  • Share your musical tastes and your SmartLists with your friends and family using mGreetings.
  • Create, Save and Share lists of your favorite songs with the community – experience SmartLists
  • Discover what your friends are listening to.. get in musical sync with your friends

My favorite feature are:

Public SmartLists – Ability to create a list of my favorite songs and make it public. Users can then rate them – digg style.

– Musical History – Displaying my musical history on my profile page – This adds music discovery feature to Dhingana. I can listen to what my friends are listening to. In the process I share my musical taste and discover new music through my friends.

Currently Dhingana is operating in private beta and registrations are by invite only. However, Dhingana Team was kind enough to extend 200 invitations for our readers. You can grab an invite to register with Dhingana here:


Once you register with Dhingana, you can connect with me musically by adding me as your friend 🙂

Have a great musical holiday!


PS: If you are interested in licensing the Dhingana platform to create a musical social networking platform for another language, please send me an email (explore [at] foresightplus [dot] com) and I will connect you with folks at Dhingana.com