Adi Godrej and the re-incarnation question

I was reading an interview of Adi Godrej in the Indian Express North American Edition. Adi Godrej, the Industrialist,  is one of the business icons in India. One of the questions and the response particularly caught my attention. Here it is:

Nadine: If you were to be re-incarnated, What would you like to be?

Adi Godrej: I do not believe in re-incarnation. Had I to choose though, I would not mind coming back as myself. I have really enjoyed my life. Still, for now, I need to listen more, delegate much more, and discover more ideas and realities of the world.


Think about the question and the answer for a moment. Two questions for you:

1. Suppose this question was asked to you, what would be your response?

2. If your response is not close to the above response, what are you going to do in the next year and for the rest of your life so that one day YOU can come up with a response like that?

Happy holidays again!