What you say and what they may hear…


What you say: I work for <<INSERT BIG COMPANY NAME>>
What they may hear: He is part of statistics in <<INSERT BIG COMPANY NAME>>

What you say: I have worked for CLIENT1 and CLIENT2
What they may hear: Does CLIENT1 and CLIENT2 know that and do they care?

What you say: I am working on the latest technologies on this project
What they may hear: Latest as of when? If you work long enough in this project you may be working on outdated technologies soon.

What you say: My company loves me and they ask my opinion about key things
What they may hear: And, do they do anything about your opinions? Do your opinions really matter?

What you say: I have fifteen years of experience in this field
What they may hear: Then, why are you still in this position?

What you say: I am involved in a mega project along with thousand other colleagues
What they may hear: Part of statistics again…

What you say: I am a well-known expert in this field
What they may hear: Well-known according to who?

What you say: I am not able to sell my ideas to the management
What they may hear: Are your ideas really sellable in the first place?

What you say: My Boss does not know much
What they may hear: Do you say that because he hired you…

What you say: I left my job because my Boss and I had differing views
What they may hear
: You were fired…