I want three blankets

The morning flight to Chicago was cold. May be they were just preparing us for the weather in Chicago. Few minutes into the air, people were requesting blankets to cover themselves.

I saw a lady (who was sitting alone) get up and take three blankets. Soon there were no blankets left. Fortunately, the flight was not full and I don’t think it was a problem.

Imagine a scenario where you wanted a blanket and it was not available anymore. You don’t have a blanket but someone has three. What would you do?

My answer: Nothing

You can’t change the world on these things. You don’t expect everyone will play a fair game. It is expected that everyone takes only one blanket so that everyone has a chance to get one. However, there is no such rule and some people will use that for their advantage. Blaming them won’t help. Since you can’t change them and the only person that you have FULL (sort of) control to change is yourself, the best option is to think ahead and pick up a blanket (only one, please) for yourself.