Oct 25, 2007 – Speaking at San Francisco; Topic: "The Next Level"

I first met with Edith Yeung when we worked together on a project to bring one of my heroes Seth Godin to the bay area (which was a big success). Edith is also the organizer of the SF Entrepreneur Meetup Group (apart from a dozen other things she is involved with).

In the next group meeting on Oct 25, I will be speaking to the group on the topic called “The Next Level”. Here is a quick overview of the talk:

The Next Level

Entrepreneurship is more of a journey than a destination. One thing is certain – every entrepreneur wants to take his or her entrepreneurial venture to the next level. However, most often, there is always a lack of time, capacity and network of help to do this in an effective fashion. Nobody has unlimited resources and unlimited time to execute on their dreams.

In this talk, Rajesh will focus on things you can do (without breaking the bank) that can help you to take your entrepreneurial venture to the next level. These skills and practices (like building your personal brand and building lasting relationships) are not taught in school (yet) and you are expected to pick them up on your own. That would mean that it is never too late to learn to refine these skills and practices to increase your competitive advantage.

If you are around SF and want to attend, you have to register before Oct 24. There are only 80 seats available and here is the link:

San Franscisco Entrepreneur Meetup Group – Oct 25 Meeting

Have a great week ahead.