One challenge to get your story noticed…

I took a snapshot of latest news on CNN at around 10pm (PST) on Oct 7, 2007. 90% of these news items were related to crime, sex, killings, scandals etc. Not even one of them was related to some major achievement or a breakthrough.

Does that mean that there are no big breakthroughs and achievements to report? Of course, there are.

On one side the media has to report on what will sell. I am sure they have done their research and found out what sells and they are just featuring what sells. Remember that they are not a charitable organization.

On the other side, the barrier to entry to get into the media for an achievement or a breakthrough is VERY high now. It may be good but is it dramatic – one of a kind that is worthy of reporting on the front page?

What is the point?

Simple. On your journey to achieve bigger and better things, please remember that if you want to “truly” get noticed you have to be “truly” remarkable. There are so many things happening in the world that will catch people’s attention and the media knows that. The challenge for you is – “Will you create something so remarkable that the media will let go of something sensational and pick up your story to report?