Product Pitches on Airlines – A few samples

I flew back by Southwest Airlines on my way back from Kansas City yesterday. I have always had good experience with Southwest Airlines just because the crew there are a happy bunch and it’s sort of infectious. I asked for Tomato Juice and some water. I got Campbell’s Tomato Juice and Deja Blue water. Here is what was on those cans:

1. Campbell’s Tomato Juice:
Research studies show that diets rich in tomatoes and tomato products are associated with long-term health benefits. Many nutrition experts advise regularly including tomatoes and tomato products as part of a healthy diet. Tomatoes contain Lycopene – a powerful natural antioxidant found in very few other foods. Scientists are investigating the role Lycopene may play in long-term health benefits.

My $.02:
It seems like researchers are still figuring out what benefits MAY be there by using tomato or tomato based products in the diet. Why make a big deal about it when you don’t have solid data?

2. Deja Blue water
Using state of the art purification systems including reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and ozonation, we deliver a consistent taste and purity.

My $.02:
Too many buzzword for just a glass of water…

3. Lastly, the paper napkins had a pitch for Southwest airlines rapid rewards program. It said:

We’ll celebrate coast to coast

Rapid Rewards 20th Anniversary

Not a member? Join the Fun

My $.02
You are celebrating. That’s great. I am a normal human being and I want to know what is in it for me. Why don’t you make it meaningful to me?