Ways to distinguish yourself #180 – Build flexibility into your future

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Being flexible is an asset. Being quick to change is an asset. You might have heard from someone – “Don’t be rigid, be flexible”. Even when you know that it’s good advice you may not get around to be flexible.

One reasons for not being flexible today will be your actions in the past. Let us take some scenarios:

* You stretched beyond your limits and bought a cool home a few years ago and are paying a big mortgage. Someone presents you with a dream opportunity in a startup. Less salary, more stock but great work and huge potential. You REALLY want to take it up. But your hands are tied.

* You joined an MBA program about 12 months ago. This is a three-year program and the company is paying part of the tuition. You get presented with a great opportunity with another company. You want to take that up but you don’t. You want to complete the MBA program as you are getting this education at a 50% discount.

* Your passion is art. You always wanted to be an artist. Of course you studied engineering and you are an engineer now. You want to be an artist but the money is good as an engineer. You postpone your decision to switch and continue as an engineer

Current flexibility is shaped by your past actions. Similarly today’s actions will shape your future flexibility. Past is over but the future is yet to come. Think about some of your actions today at work and at home. Have you given enough thought about the implications of these actions on your future flexibility.

We urge that organizations have to be agile and nimble. This advice applies more aptly to individuals than the organizations. If your current actions may make you rigid in the future, you may be digging a hole for yourself (very slowly). Time to think again!

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