Ways to distinguish yourself #179 – Invent new possibilities daily

I am fortunate to get to meet a lot of bright young people who have bold dreams. Their eyes lit up when they explain how they are going to change the world. They have wonderful ideas. Sadly, many of them do not take any action on them TODAY because they are waiting for something to happen first. Typically, they are “getting ready” to do something big.

* Some of them want to finish their MBA before they are ready
* Some of them want to make LOTS of money before they are ready
* Some of them want to be a BIT MORE famous before they are ready
* Some of them want to be financially independent before they do anything significant

In summary, these people are waiting for a few more resources (eg: money, connections, fame, status..) before they are “fully ready” go after their dreams.

You can distinguish yourself if you choose to – by deciding to invent new possibilities daily. Don’t take this literally. When I say daily, I mean with whatever resources you currently have access to TODAY. Let’s think about that for a minute. What could be those resources that you have right now. Here are a few:

* Your experience so far
* Yoour connections – the people that you have lasting relationships with
* The projects you have executed
* The money you have
* The place you live in – Your city, state and country can be a possibility
* Your family, friends and colleagues
* The company that you are part of
* The associations and groups that you are a member of
* The books you have read

I can go on and on. The question is with all these resources that you have today, what new possibilities can you invent and act on TODAY?

The problem with knowledge and resources is that the more you have them, more you realize how much more of them you need. If you are looking to accumulate more resources before you an ACT on your dream, you may be WAITING for a long time. Why not change the game and start inventing possibilities with ALL the resources that you ALREADY HAVE?

In other words, while you are accumulating resources and knowledge to chase your big dream, what new dreams can you paint in parallel with ALL the resources you have today?

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