The time way before the prime-time

You see someone successful and possibly trace back some of the actions just prior to that event. You may even think that by following the exact same steps that the other person followed, you may be able to achieve the same success. Try it and chances are that you will fail. Since it is impossible to re-create the other person’s history in your own life, you just have to see what is that in “your history” that you can take advantage of to “create something compelling” that others can’t replicate.

Prime time is that successful event – like releasing of your book, launching your company or anything that you think is significant in your eyes AND the eyes of the marketplace. The time way before the prime-time event has a huge influence on that prime event. Look at this quote from the legendary Muhammed Ali:

“It’s not the time in the ring that wins a fight, but the work at 4.30a.m. with no one watching that makes me a champion”

– Muhammed Ali

(Quote courtesy: Mike Tan, founder and CEO of TeamPages, Inc)

Fast forward your life to about five years from now. Think about some prime-time events for your life at that time. Today is that time “way before” that prime-time.

What can you do for the next five years consistently and autonomously (meaning – without requiring someone to hold you accountable) that will lead you to those prime-times later?