This is the story of Bob.

Bob is a prisoner at a maximum security prison. He does not like it there. He will do anything and everything to get back his freedom. He has spent a number of years in this prison and he is sick of it.  

One fine day, Bob gets his freedom. He is out of the maximum security prison. On that night, Bob slept well. He finally had his freedom.

Next day, when he woke up, he found something was different. Bob was in a small room. It seemed like a prison cell. He could not believe it. The room was locked. He pinched himself and found that it was not fiction. He really was in prison. He saw that the prison had his own name “Bob’s Prison”.

It was really scary.  Bob has moved from a maximum security prison into his own prison.

The above was a fictional story. However, I see that it is easy for a first-time entrepreneur to fall into a similar trap. This can happen especially when the first-time entrepreneur thinks about starting a company JUST BECAUSE he wants “freedom”.  If not done right, the first-time entrepreneur can escape from a “prison” to get captured by himself in his “own prison”.