Just in case…

Seth Godin talks about the importance people associate with dates like 7/7/07 and more. The reason for this, Seth says:

“Simple. People are meaning machines. We look for hints about what the future will hold and add meaning, often where there is none.

I agree with Seth. Extending the same argument, the other possible reasons could be:

1. If so many people are doing it, it must be right

In other words, people follow the crowd – a lot of times blindly. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been stock market crashes, dot-com bubbles etc.

2. Just in case…

While it’s VERY hard to put logic behind such things, people also don’t want to be left out “just in case” there is some meaning to it. Hey, if they are anyway going to get married and it is not hard to move the date to 7/7/07, why not?

3. It’s cool…

For the next few weeks or for the rest of their lives, they can use this as a conversation starter 🙂

My $.02 of course.