When the other person does not fight back…

Consider this – You start a fight and the other person retreats. This can happen in a competitive situation as in you attack your competitor on his core business or in a simple situation where you attack someone on his or her blog. When the other person retreats, it is easy to declare a win for yourself. I talked to a dozen very smart friends on this topic recently. Here are a few other reasons where the person might retreat.

1. The retreat is temporary.  The person may attack you back but at a time of his or her choosing.

2. The other person thought that it is not worth his time or her time to fight you

3. The other person thought that it costs more to fight you than to ignore you

4. The other person has other important priorities to give this fight any further attention.

5. The other person feels that your attack has no merit. By engaging in a fight, he or she has to spend a ton of time explaining things in detail. So, ignore again.

6. The other person doesn’t know who you are. Cannot make a determination whether to fight or not. Time passes by and he or she forgets about this.

7. The other person doesn’t want to engage with you in any way – fighting or otherwise.

8. You may have a lot of time to engage in the fight. The other person may not.

9. The other person thanks you for bringing something to his attention and will handle the situation on his or her end.

10. The other person is fighting with you by NOT fighting with you 🙂

Something to think about.