Ways to distinguish yourself #175 – Create the ultimate lasting impression…

Note: This is a very special post for me. I am dedicating this to all those people that have created an ultimate lasting impression in my life. In the end, there is a call to action for all of you 🙂

How do you create an ultimate lasting impression?

There is no single answer to this but for me, this one comes close –

You have created a lasting impression if people that matter most to you miss you in their past.

Let me explain a bit more. What I will say is based on these two facts:

1. We all live once. In cricket terms, we get to play only one innings in life. Do whatever you want, you can’t get back the time that has already passed.

2. We met various people at various stages of our lives – they may be new friends, business partners, teachers, mentors, coaches or anyone that will matter most to our lives. Until we meet them first-time, they don’t exist for us.

Some of these people make a “true” lasting impression in our lives. They make us feel like going back to the past – only this time they are also part of the past. Since we may have met them late in our life, the maximum we can have a relationship with them is until the end of our life or their life. But… they are so good that we feel cheated – they REALLY should have been part of our past.

Are you one of those people that people that matter most to you miss you in their past? If not, what can you do today and for the rest of your life that will take you to that stage?

Remember that there are no tricks or tactics to reach there. You just have to BE that person who is making that kind of DIFFERENCE in the lives of people.

Action Item:

I am sure you are surrounded by many people who have made such a big difference in your life that you are missing them in your past. If you were like me (when I was chronically busy) you may not have had the time to tell them how much they mean to you.

I request that you take a few moments and forward this article in an email and say that “I miss you in my past”

Go ahead and make their day!

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