Bay Area events: Seth Godin on May 23; Lisa Haneberg on May 24

This week is going to be “Learning on Steroids” in the bay area. If you are in the bay area (or closeby) please consider attending both of these events:

1. Seth Godin Live in Silicon Valley – May 23

Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center
Time:    5pm to 8.30pm
Price:   $50 (You will get five copies of “The Dip” if you register online)
Registration: Click here

Seth Godin is the best selling author of “Permission Marketing”, “Purple Cow”, “Small is the new big” and the most recent “The Dip”

The event is organized by Invincibelle and Edith Yeung.

2. Lisa Haneberg on “Breakthroughs – Turning Small Efforts into Big Results”

Lisa Haneberg is a author, management consultant, trainer and coach, is
visiting Cupertino on her solo 10,000-mile Year of the Breakthrough
Motorcycle book tour. Her goal for the tour is to catalyze
breakthroughs and mobilize dreams by showing how small actions can
produce big results.

Venue: HP Oak Room Auditorium, Cupertino
Time: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Price: $15
Registration: Click here

The event is organized by Invincibelle and SIPA

Hope to see you there…