Announcing "Quought on Time" series on "Time Matters" blog

I love questions – especially those that provoke thought. I collected more than 50 Quoughts (Quought = Question that provokes thought) from very smart people earlier this year and created a “Quought for the Day” series.

Now, we have extended this further.

Earlier this month, my business partner Hari Shetty (of iPolipo) and I created a new blog called “Time Matters” to focus on only one topic – Time.  This time, we are asking several smart people and thought leaders one question:

What is the one question about time, that, if answered well – will help the person make the most of his or her time?

Their response, which is another question (or quought) is the foundation of a new series there called “Quought on Time”.

Here is the link to the series:

Time Matters Blog: Quought on Time

Hope you will enjoy the series.