Via email with love – Proposal for Strategic Alliance

Last evening I received one more of those “spam” emails. This one said “Proposal for Strategic Alliance” in the subject. Here is the content of the email

Proposal for Strategic Alliance

Dear Rajesh Setty,

I would like to explore the possibility of a Strategic Alliance between our companies for software development that will have an immediate, positive impact on your organization: Expanding your engineering capacity while reducing the time and cost for building or converting software applications.

My company, <Name> Corporation, specializes in software engineering for companies that have software development projects. Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies such as <Client 1>, <Client 2>,<Client 3>  and <Client 4>. Much of our work comes from satisfied repeat customers.

Since the bulk of development is performed at our (wholly owned) offshore facility (based in India), we can give excellent rates ($12/hr/engineer). At the same time, North American support is provided from our Headquarters based in <City>, <State> – The experience is that of dealing with a local company. You get the best of both worlds; U.S. Partner – Offshore Prices.

For more information please don’t hesitate to call me at the number below. To schedule a call, let me know through email when I can call you to explore this proposal.

Best Regards,
<Account Executive Name>
Account Executive
<Company Name>

My $.02:

This email as you can see has many problems. However, the bigger problem is that whoever sent me is now thinking that he did some work. Out of every thousand emails that he has sent, he will get one or two responses. Rather than questioning the overall strategy, the person will now start thinking about “conversion rates” and “writing better copy”.  And, the fantasy trip will continue.

Of course, the real solution is NOT to send this email in the first place. But that would mean that he has “think” of a better solution. That would be hard work 🙁