The Magic Trick

Imagine that you know how to perform a few magic tricks. One trick in particular is liked by everyone who watch you perform the trick.  The question that gets asked repeatedly is “Can you tell me the secret behind the trick?”

What is obvious is that you get asked this question only when the trick is VERY good. In other words, if the trick is not so hot, people don’t bother to find out the secret behind the trick.

“If someone is not interested in the magic trick, they don’t care how you did it”

This may seem obvious in the above-mentioned example but not in real life. Many people talk about their products and services and go into the intricate details of all the features and functionalities. They may even go into the details of what technologies are used and how they are so cool. The only problem with all these details (the secret behind the trick) is that the other party may not be interested in the problem that the product or service is addressing (the magic trick)

Homework questions for  all of us:

1. What magic tricks do we have under our sleeves? 

2. Is the trick hot enough that people want to know the secret behind it?

Core concept courtesy of Hanley Brite, president of Authentic Connections and advisor to Suggestica.