I have a fantasy…

Sometimes, I just wish, many of my friends (that I have never met) out there know that

* I am NOT interested in doing business with so many cool business people from Nigeria who somehow find my email address while “researching” for a reputable business person in this country.

* I know I have WON the UK/Spanish/German lottery. But I want to give other people a chance. So you can stop contacting me.

* I currently don’t need any medication from a number of pharmacies that are selling drugs online.

* I don’t need OEM software from Microsoft. I am currently using a MacBook.

* I don’t have a Paypal account so how can I update one?

* I can’t read chinese so I don’t know what the offer is 🙁 Please send the translated version. I am getting a feeling that I might be missing something VERY important.

* I don’t have time to get into a home based business. I know I can make an extra $500 – $1000 per week. It sounds tempting but sorry – no time for now.

* I don’t buy or sell stocks. So I am sad that many of the stock tips you are sending are going waste.  Can I forward these tips to my friends who do trade stocks? I was not sure and I want to be careful about forwarding this privileged information.

* I know that you are saying that I need to change passwords for many of my accounts in many banks where I don’t have accounts. When I open accounts in those banks, I will come back and change the passwords. Thanks for the alerts.

* I currently have a good watch. So I don’t need an Omega replica. I know that it is a steal. But what will I do with my current watch that is original? I pass…

* Ditto for Rolex replicas too…

* Almost forgot. Ditto for Cartier watches too…

* same for Bvlgari watches

* No time to play in online casinos. I have bookmarked all the links that you have sent. When I do have time, I will be sure to visit each one of them.

* I checked with my doctor. He said No. I understand that the sale on Human Growth Harmones ends soon. I will pass for now.

I would have replied to everyone individually but I know that you are all busy sending emails to other people and you may not have time to read my replies.

Did I say – I have a fantasy…