Quought for the day #56 – Rob Crawford

Rob Crawford is Director of Development at The Park School, in Brookline, Masssachusetts, an independent school that two of his four children attend. He presents to and advises educational advancement professionals across the country on possibility-thinking, delighting philanthropists, and
taking action on what matters most. Earlier in his career, Rob was a dedicated middle school English
teacher and coach. He earned a B.A. at Dartmouth College, M.Ed. at Lesley University, and M.B.A. at
University of Michigan. He currently serves on the board of trustees at The Carroll School, in Lincoln,
Massachusetts, and helps run The Wow Institute, in Henniker, New Hampshire.

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Rob’s Quought for the day:
“When am I in the zone, and how will I double the time I spend in the zone in 2007?”

Rob’s note accompanying the Quought:
Being in the zone means achieving an unusually deep level of focus on a project or activity that
challenges you in ways you love to be challenged, engages your major strengths, and stimulates your authentic interests. We’re at our absolute best when we’re “in the zone.” This is when we’re fulfilling the promise of our unique gifts, living up to our greatest potential, and giving the world our most spectacular stuff. An activity that puts us in the zone reveals to us an arena in which we have the ability to become one
of the top 1% on the planet. To make a significant impact here on earth, and to enjoy the ride as much as
possible, we must discover what puts us in the zone, then do a lot more of that!

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Quought = Question that provokes thought. Questions are important. Thinking is important. Questions that make you think are very important!

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