Quought for the day #54 – Gary Sage

Gary is a value strategist & coach. He heads a busy executive coaching practice spanning 5 countries. He is the originator of the Unplugged Model, which delivers extraordinary value strategies to the world of sales, communication, personal achievement and leadership; with a bit of help from an NLP-centric influence methodology.

He has 25 years of experience discovering and unleashing superstars from Construction and Retail to Supply Line, from Telecoms to IT, from Media to Investment Banking. His Unplugged Methodology works to unleash the hidden value inside of people – he brings out the extraordinary in people and then inspires them to massively leverage their value, whether at the sales negotiation table, developing a charity project or entering the C-suite. His latest success story is all about how 3 people were “Unplugged” from team manager to Fortune™ 100 CIO positions in 18 months.

Most of his day revolves around generating and boosting value in people; having open, candid, and powerful conversations about the nature of value with his clients and then inspiring them execute – to apply new thinking and fresh ideas to increasing their value, their net worth and that of others.

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Gary’s Quought for the Day is:

“What one thing about yourself could you improve that would make the most difference in your life over the next week, month, quarter or even year?”

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Quought = Question that provokes thought. Questions are important. Thinking is important. Questions that make you think are very important!

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