Valentine's Day Wishes; Life Beyond Code turns TWO today; Anniversary GIFT – Lasting Relationships eBook

Today is Valentine’s Day. So here are some good wishes to all of you.

Second, today I complete 2 years of Blogging. Life Beyond Code is 2 years old today. What it is today is because of the help of my family and hundreds of my friends out there. I first want to thank all of them. I love you all!

For those of you who know me, you know that I got the writing illness very early. I have been writing since I was nine years old. However, when I started working, the writing suddenly stopped. No clue why. I would write only technical stuff. Nineteen years later, I wrote and published my book “Beyond Code” (foreword by my hero Tom Peters). What started off as a companion blog for my book has now taken a life of its own with close to 800 articles on the site.

What I cherish most is the hundreds of connections that have been made possible because of my blog. People ask me whether I make money on my blog. My answer (the consultant in me speaking here) is “It depends.” It really depends on how we define money. If we are talking about currency, then yes, I do make some money. If we are talking a “return on investment” – then, YES I do get a HUGE return on investment from this blog. What is the return – Just the sheer number of wonderful people that I was able to connect in the form of fellow bloggers and the readers from all over the world, your emails, phone calls and the friendship – it makes it all worth it.


As an anniversary gift, I am making my latest eBook (which I have sold earlier for $4.97) “Lasting Relationships” for FREE. This is for a limited time. So please download it while it is available here.

Link: Lasting Relationships (PDF)

Have a great year ahead!