Quought for the day #40 – Kimberly Wiefling

Kimberly Wiefling is the founder of Wiefling Consulting, a scrappy enterprise enabling individuals, teams and organizations to achieve results that seem out of reach or nearly impossible through leadership and project management excellence. A physicist by education, she spent 10 years at HP in technical leadership and project management roles, then 5 years in the wild and crazy world of Silicon Valley start-ups before leading one to a glorious defeat during the dotcom bust of 2001. Vigorously scrappy, she reemerged, consulting on leadership and project management worldwide – from Armenia, to Tokyo, to the Silicon Valley. Kimberly is the executive editor of The Scrappy GuidesTM, a regular contributor to the “Project Connections” newsletter, (70,000+ subscribers weekly), and her radio show, “The Scrappy DialoguesTM”, airs occasionally on www.wiefling.com, and she is the lead blogger at www.SVProjectManagement.net .

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When something that seems like it might be “bad luck” happens . . .

What does this make possible that wasn’t possible before?

When I feel like asking “How?” because it seems impossible . . .

  What would make that possible?

When I want to demand “Why?” . . .

   Help me understand . . .

(Not exactly a question, but gets a lot less defensiveness in people than “why?”)

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Quought = Question that provokes thought. Questions are important. Thinking is important. Questions that make you think are very important!

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